GDN Merchant Stores

ShopIt™ Store

$34.95 + $25.00 setup fee
optional integration fee

This custom GDN built store allows a business that is looking to sell products, services or collect donations using the internet. ShopIt™ will allow a customer to shop the site, add items into their own shopping cart and then checkout of your store listing all items in the cart and a grand total of the cost. This will send an invoice to you via email with the customer information and the products they want to purchase.

ShopIt™ has a direct api that hooks right into ShopIt RealTime™!!

Package includes:
  • Includes the Small Business hosting package (a $29.95 value)
  • Unlimited store items

Package Features:

  • Storage of all customer accounts into a high performance database
  • Easy web admin access to allow you to add or remove available product
  • Ability to send bulk email announcements to all registered customers
  • Storage of all items previously purchased from all customers for later access
  • End of day reports to show what needs to be sent and where at end of day
  • Direct API interface into UPS for shipping cost based on pre-known weight
  • Full web account editor for all customer records
  • Easy upgrade to ShopIt™ RealTime.


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